IQ Panel Prox Tag

I would like to have the ability to use prox cards with my iq panel 2 and have been reading documentation and just want to confirm that if i use a power G hardwired with a DSC HS2LCDP keypad, can I use prox tags with my Iq panel 2. page 23 of this document is where i am finding this information , i just wnat to confirm as this is the only mention of prox support on the IQ panel but it is straight from DSC, so I assume it is accurate. I am aware that this is a hardwired keypad, pulling a cable is not an issue for me, I just want to make sure that I will get the functionality im looking for.

I’ve never worked with that proximity option yet, but that is the only method of using proximity fobs/cards/etc. that I am aware of, yes.

A Hardwire Translator with version 1.2+ is needed.

Great thanks. can I just program the tags as if i’m on a power series or are there special instructions for when using with the IQ panel?

On the latest firmware versions for the IQ Panel 2 or IQ Panel 4, prox tags are added through the User Management page on the panel.

Settings > Advanced Settings > Master Code > User Management > Add Prox Tag

That’s perfect, i was able to confirm my panel has the add prox option, one least question and this it probably a long shot, you you happed to know the frequency that the cards operate on? I prefer the key card form factor rather then a key fob, i have been looking but find conflicting answers. Can i just use 26-bit wiegand credentials other tyco systems use? Thanks, for your help.

Only the DSC-MPT is compatible per Qolsys/Tyco support. That is the PowerG mini prox tag. Looks like it comes in an 8 pack DSC-MPT8PK.

They stated that information and support for it are minimal right now, and it is only expected to work through the Hardwire translator and the listed hardwire keypads.