Iq panel plus not updating firmware

I have attempted to update the firmware on my iqpanel plus to the most recent (2.4.1) using the directions provided on your firmware thread using the patch tag and it just says no update available… I am currently on 2.4.0. Was this update pulled for some reason?

Hmm, I just tried on a 2.4.0 panel and got the same result. There are no additional bulletins for dealers regarding 2.4.1 so I’m not aware of general issues, but it does look like it is unavailable at the moment. I’ll check with Qolsys to see if this is a temporary server issue or if the firmware is not available for other reasons.

Will report back here!

Yes, Qolsys confirmed this was pulled. Will be replaced by V2.4.2 soon. Expected in the next week or two.