IQ Panel Glass Break False Alarm

My IQ panel set off the alarm for glass break, but when I pulled up the cameras I didn’t see anything… Got home and looked all over the house, nothing had fallen or broken anywhere. Now in the app the Panel Glass Break shows ‘Activated’ and I cannot get it to clear. Tried restarting the panel and my phone, no luck… any ideas on what might have caused the false alarm and how to get the app to clear the alert out?

In general there are a few things that are most commonly the cause of glass break false alarms:

  1. Entertainment system/music.
  2. Slamming doors.
  3. Falling objects.
  4. Dogs barking.

You checked for objects, are any of the others a possibility?

Regarding the glass break status, activated will show for an extended period, but it looks like this occurred a couple days ago, so it should have reverted to ok or idle by now if activity wasn’t still setting it off. Might any of the above be a cause of routine activation?

If there is nothing that might set it off, you can try disabling and re-enabling the glass break in panel programming. Settings > Advanced Settings > Installation > Installer Settings.

I do have 2 dogs who like to look out the window and will bark at people who walk by. Should I just keep the glass-break turned off? My dogs have never set it off before, did the sensor sensitivity change somehow?

I do have 2 dogs who like to look out the window and will bark at people who walk by

This is the common cause actually. Dogs who tend to paw at the window and bark will generally make it harder to manage glass break sensors. Certain detectors are better at filtering false alarms, but none can filter 100%.

Cats are generally harder to deal with regarding motion detectors, due to their predilection to climbing furniture.

It is always possible that sensitivity may have been affected by firmware if you recently updated. If you are seeing it routinely activate it my be best to disable the sensor.