IQ Panel Ext1 & EXT2

Any issues with using the Ext1 & Ext2 for wiring in (attic) heat detectors? I am struggling with some way to incorporate two 195deg/ROR heat detectors to monitor the attic into my Qolsys wireless system since the Hardwire 16 says not for “Life Safety Devices”…

I am double checking with Qolsys on this, but wiring diagrams all show the circuits using resistors in series, which would suggest it can only accommodate a normally closed sensor.

I found this in Qolsys docs in reference to Ext1 & Ext2 which answers my question: “Note that HW contacts can only be learned
in as Door/Window, Motion or Glass Break Sensor Type”.

Any ideas on how to add a heat detector in the attic to a Qolsys alarm system?

While not on the “official” qolsys list… the Interlogix HDX-200 is a 319.5mhz wireless 200deg heat detector (for the attic). Any thoughts success/failures on going outside of the “official” list?

Typically the official list should be followed for compatibility, but the list represents officially tested and confirmed sensors by the Qolsys team. It is certainly possible for other 319.5 devices not listed to still function. Should you test it out, make sure to purchase the sensor from a reputable seller with a return policy.