IQ Panel Cellular Connection Down

I have a Qolsys system (the older one) and it has recently stopped connecting to the cellular network. The wifi connectivity works fine and the unit otherwise seems to be functioning correctly.

Let me know how to proceed here, the failure of network registration causes me to suspect something is wrong the Verizon account linked to this device.

Looking at your history there is a point early last month where the registration time statistic skyrocketed. Your signal strength does not look low, but registration time is poor. This may indicate a change of source signal from the carrier. The first thing to try would be to reboot the panel.

You can do this either locally in the Settings Menu, or via your System Manager tools in the Surety dashboard. Do you see an improvement in signaling after a reboot?

Have previously rebooted to try and correct this and it didn’t seem to make a difference.

One thing you will want to try to help rule out a local issue, is to power down the panel locally, unplug the transformer then the internal battery. Leave everything powered down for about five minutes. This will give the cell card a chance to break away form the cellular tower. Then power up the panel, battery first then transformer. Wait a few minutes for the cell card to reestablish the cellular connection and check signal, any change?

I have reported this to so their team can look into any issues with the carrier network. We expect to hear back from them within the next couple of business days.

Did the power down, unplugged from the wall, and disconnected the battery.
Got the same experience when doing the cellular test of registration time out.

Any luck with the open case? is still working with the carrier in order to determine the issue. It does appear that other users in your area are experiencing similar issues with high registration times. Will follow up here once we have more information.

Any update on the case?

Thank you for reaching out. Verizon is still looking into the issue and is working with ADC techs but as of right now I do not have a fix regarding the high registration times.

I heard back from ADC regarding this issue, apologies for the delay. The carrier Verizon considers your coverage area to be what they call a “variable coverage area” for 3G. This essentially means that the issues you are seeing with high registration times may come and go but coverage is likely to remain intermittent going forward.

Essentially the “Fix” for this issue would be to switch carrier, obtain a 4G module, or use dual path.

Obviously the fist two are not great options as you would also need to replace the panel to do that (as the Qolsys Gen 1 does not have a replaceable cell module).

The best action is to continue to utilize dual path. Keep in mind that communication will always utilize whichever mode is faster (cell or broadband) when using dual path.