IQ Panel Alarm Signal Not Reaching Central Station

I set off an alarm on my IQ Panel but the central station did not receive it. What could cause that?

This alarm triggered immediately when the system arming countdown ended.

Happy to help!

The IQ Panel by default has a Dialer Delay for all burglary alarm signals.

A dialer delay is a delay period between when an alarm is tripped and when the signal is forwarded to the central station. This is a way panels combat false alarm response by limiting unnecessary dispatch on accidental alarms.

If you take a look in your activity history, this event is listed as a Pending Alarm. Whenever you see the word “Pending” that means a signal was sent to ADC with dialer delay. ADC then forwards the signal when the dialer delay period ends. A second confirmed Alarm signal is actually sent to ADC from your panel, which gets sent to the central station.

In your case the panel was disarmed within the dialer delay, so no signal was forwarded. This is normal and expected. The central station would not see this event, but you would see the “Pending” event in activity.

The default time length for dialer delay is 30 seconds on the IQ Panel.

You can adjust dialer delay in your IQ Panel programming to between 15-45 seconds under Settings – Installation – Siren and Alarms.

If you go to Security – Installation – Security Account, you can disable SIA Limits, which will let you instead set dialer delay all the way to 0 if you wish.

This alarm triggered immediately when the system arming countdown ended.

The alarm was triggered after the panel was armed away, and it looks like an Image Sensor (motion detector) was triggered to set off the alarm. It looks like that image sensor may have poor signaling, so if you did not activate the sensor at the time it may have been a communication malfunction. The first thing I would try in this circumstance is a quick power cycle of the image sensor when the system is disarmed. This video shows how to perform a power cycle on the Image Sensor.