IQ panel 4 unresponsive

Since 2 days, my IQ panel 4 is unresponsive and it shows no sign of life. This happened after the alarm went off around the same time. Since then, absolutely nothing is coming from it.

Press and hold the side button for about 5-10 seconds. Does the panel boot up? If not, verify that the outlet it is plugged into has power.

I am not seeing any Surety subscriptions tied to this username. Did you get your service and system through a different service provider?

If you use Surety as your provider, please send us a private message with the account holder’s name and service address so that we can best assist.

If you use another service provider, in this case the first thing I would recommend is to reach out to your service provider for assistance. They will have access to back end diagnostics to help potentially identify issues, and would be who to consult for questions on maintenance or warranty.

If the panel is unresponsive to holding the power button, you should consult your dealer first as remaining troubleshooting steps would involve pulling all power which is not recommended under other circumstances.