IQ Panel 4 Rebooting at Night

A couple minutes ago around 11:45pm my panel suddenly turned off and turned back on and stayed black with the blue flashing lights for a good 5-6 mins until the Qolsys logo appeared and the system booted up again at 11:51pm. It randomly did this while the system was armed. When it booted up, the system was still armed. And i doubt it’s an update because as far as I am aware, updates are not allowed while system is armed due to security reasons. Please note I’ve caught the panel do this 2 times before this already just didn’t catch the time. But this time, I caught right from when it started. Could my panel be faulty or do you see anything logged to what could’ve caused this?

There is no event in history which would suggest a cause at the times you mention.

Typically the first thing I would look at for something like an unexpected reboot would be power application.

The last firmware update on the system appears to be from around early June.

How long is the power cable for that system? What gauge of cable is being used?

I’m using the provided power supply that came in the box with the panel. And if it were power related, wouldn’t the battery kick in though?

I’m not referring to power being cut altogether, but insufficient power application which can have unexpected effects.

I’m referring specifically to the cable, not the power supply. Are you just using the short cable that comes with the power supply or are you using additional cabling to lengthen that and wall mount it with the power supply elsewhere in the home?

Oh okay gotcha. And I’m using the included short cable that came with the power supply. I didn’t modify anything

And using the table stand, not wall mounted

Alright thank you. If you look at the history page on the panel itself are there any events around the time of the reboot listed? This is under Settings > Status

I checked but it doesn’t let me go that far back. The furthest it lets me check right now is 11:55am central time

Alright, if you notice this happen again, check the history on the panel for any indication of a cause or event around the time of reboot.

To troubleshoot, I am going to recommend actually an extended power down. This will let the components discharge all power and potentially resolve some issues.

Settings > Advanced Settings > Power Down. Leave it powered off for 20 minutes. Then reboot.

It happened again last night but there is no logged event in the panel history, aside from sensor activity and arming. I will do the extended power down and see if that fixes the issue.

Out of curiosity does it always happen at the same time?

Nope, last night it happened around 10:23

And the other two times I mentioned it happened, I don’t remember the exact time but it happened during the day around the hours of 1-4pm