IQ Panel 4 Power Issues

Hi all,

We had a new electric panel installed and now my IQ Panel 4 is having spotty AC connection.

  1. I dont think the install is related
  2. I think my AC power connector may have come loose? It randomly was charging A-OK and a small jiggle of the wire made the battery stop charging
    2a) If thats the case, I dont know how to remove my panel off the wall to check without tampering with the panel

Any thoughts?

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Panel tamper will occur when the panel is powered on and removed from its back plate. This will cause an alarm if the system is armed.

To begin troubleshooting:

  • Disarm the System
  • Unplug the Power Supply from the wall
  • Open the panel and disconnect the internal battery
  • Check the wiring from the power supply to the panel at both the panel and at the power supply to make sure it has not come loose.

Also, make sure the outlet the power supply is plugged into is working correctly and not switched.

When troubleshooting, you may want to place your 24/7 professional monitoring account on Test Mode during troubleshooting to avoid any false dispatches.

You can do this by calling monitoring operators directly at 855-348-0367 or from the Professional Monitoring tab in the System Manager section of your Surety account.

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How do I open the panel?

The locking screw on the bottom edge holds the back plate and panel together. The back plate is screwed into the wall. See page 6 of the manual for its location.

Mind the wiring in the wall when removing the panel from the back plate. If adjusting the wiring, ensure that you do not loose it in the wall.

The wiring from the power supply to the IQ Panel 4 can be attached in one of two ways:

  1. Barrel Connector inside the panel
  2. Wire leads to the back plate.

See page 12 of the manual for reference

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