IQ Panel 4 - Panel Motion too sensitive

Hello, I enabled the panel motion sensor on my IQ Panel 4, but for some reason the panel basically stays active all night when all lights are off and no motion is occurring. I made sure that the panel motion sensitivity is set to low and put a few masks to decrease the recognition area. Other than just disabling it again, are there any other steps I can take to decrease sensitivity–it’s basically useless as an automation trigger right now.

Aside from the settings in the manual, there are no real tricks, but there may be something in frame causing an issue, shadows, headlights etc.

Can you send us a private message with the screen image and masked area on your panel?

Will do, thanks

Have the same problem. No matter where I move the panel or how much I mask off, seems to be basically worthless.

Based on testing and info from the other user in this thread, it looks like at low light levels the noise from the video image is resulting in pretty constant detection. This is not a PIR, the camera uses VMD to determine movement.

I’m reporting it to Qolsys to see if they can adjust/work around that in future firmware.