IQ panel 2 will not stay powered on

We recently bought a home with an IQ panel 2 installed with a few different z wave devices. We know it was working before we moved in but now the panel will turn on, stay on for about ten seconds and then turn off. It’ll do this over and over unless we quickly get to settings and turn it off. I’ve tested the power wires coming out of the wall and they seem fine. Could the battery pack be bad and causing issues? Subscribed to Surety thinking we had to have a service for it to work? Any assistance is appreciated.

Update: was able to get to the system test screen and when I click on it the message says “you are using battery power, to access system test switch to A/C power”, or something to that effect.

Sounds like the panel will need replaced as the battery wouldn’t case that

How/where did you test power?

Disconnected them from the back of the panel and used a tester to see if they had power. I have a multimeter, but didn’t use that to get actual readings.

It takes DC power (5V I think). What kind of tester did you use if not a multimeter? One of those pen looking AC voltage detectors wouldn’t be applicable.

Per above, you’ll want to test with a multimeter to check the voltage output of the transformer.

The IQ Panel 2 will either be a 5.5VDC transformer if it is very old, or a 7VDC transformer. Specs will be printed on the transformer.

Transformer says 5.5v and I am getting 5.5v using the multimeter.

How long is that power cable and what gauge is the wire?

24-25’. Not sure on the gauge of wiring, pretty thin. I assume it’s the wiring used by the builder in 2019. Didn’t think it’d help but I rewired using a different color set from the wiring bundle and it’s doing the same thing.

That could very well be a problem. Mind posting photos of the wiring?

If you have extra conductors and it is thinner cable than recommended, you would need to use multiple conductors for + and -. This effectively increases the size of the cabling, allowing less resistance and better power transfer.