IQ Panel 2 remote Voice Prompt Will not turn off

I have the IQ Panel 2 and the remote panel. Ever since I installed the software update from a few days ago (5/19 version 2.3.2) the remote panel is using voice prompts when I turn the alarm off and on with my phone. “Voices” are turned off at the main panel and the main panel does not give the voice prompt. I have ensured both panels have the same software on them, have rebooted both panels, done a hard reset on the remote panel, rebooted the main panel, removed them both from wifi, put them back on wifi, removed and re-partnered the panels, and toggled voices on and then off. I even contacted Qolsys support and they basically blew me off saying they could not “replicate the problem” and to contact my service provider b/c Qolsys support does not deal with “end users” even though I told them the problem did not arise until their latest update. Apparently they don’t mind pushing updates to end users but when a problem arises they have no interest in spending any time fixing it. Is anyone else having this issue, had this issue, and/or have any other ideas of what I could try in order to resolve it (other than turning volume all the way down on the remote panel)? Thanks.

I am testing this at the moment and I will follow up once I have more information. It shouldn’t matter but what is the model number of the IQ Remote you are using? (I.e. QW9102-840 etc) Is this the IQ Panel 2 or the IQ Panel 2 Plus?

Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

Tested and replicated the issue you are seeing on the IQP2+ with the IQ Remote (9102-840). Followed up with Qolsys, techs can also replicated the issue. It has been sent to their engineers for testing and future fix but there is not a current fix at this time (aside from putting the volume at zero on the Remote.

Thanks Tyler. The main panel is iq panel part number QS9201-5208-840 Rev.F. Which is a 2 plus according to my google search. The remote unit is QW9103-840.