IQ panel 2 Power G repeater compatability

I’m running an IQ Panel 2 and using the PG9920 repeater. Distance is only about 300feet and all walls are standard wood construction between the 2 buildings. Signal strength shows on the panel as poor or not connected. I was told this repeater would help in extending reach to my Power G low temp alarm sensors. When I look at the “More Info” for the sensors it also doesn’t say if the sensor is connected to the repeater (it says “Not applicable” or “not available”.). Likely doing something wrong settings wise or have the wrong panel or repeater. Any suggestions?

Do you have the IQ Panel 2 or the IQ Panel 2+? The IQ Panel 2 does not have a PowerG radio installed.

The PG9920 is compatible with the IQ PAnel 2+, a list of compatible devices for the IQ Panel 2+ can be found here.