IQ Panel 2 Plus Dual Path Comm Error

Have been trying to troubleshoot this for days with and Qolsys. System response with android phone app has become very slow ever since I lost dual path capability a few days ago. Has anybody seen this dual path comm test error and know the solution?

After pressing the start button in the Dual Path Configuration Options page:

Wi-Fi communication test started. Please wait…
Connection error. Retrying. Please wait…
Waiting for CS response. Please wait…
Didn’t get receipt from back end. Please wait…
Wi-Fi communication test timed out. Please try again later.

Thanks forum.

If the Dual Path test fails that means your panel can’t reach the monitoring center via WIFI. Is WIFI set up on your panel? Is your panel connected to WIFI? What happens when you run the separate “WIFI Test”?

If WIFI is connected it may mean your account has the wrong central station account number programmed. You would have to check with your provider about that.

Wi-Fi was configured about a year ago, and the panel has been connected to wifi ever since. A WiFi test alone produces a success/connected response.

My entire system has been working for about a year. A few days ago I noticed the communication between the phone app was very sluggish/delayed response. I know when dual path is working, controling the panel through the phone is very fast. I proceeded to test the dual path, and received error messages ever since. One tech and one qolsys tech have attempted to resolve the problem to no avail.

Any other ideas?

It looks like this may not be regarding a Surety subscription. Do you use another service provider for service?

Have your provider check to make sure Dual Path is still selected as the signaling path method. The dealer tools allows cell only to be selected instead. This would cause a failure reaching ADC via internet.

You are correct. Currently with another service provider, but considering a transfer of service since this issue has not been resolved. Have dealt with service provider, tech, and Qolsys tech. No one knows why it suddenly stopped working.

You must force download the latest firmware for the iq panel


If you don’t know how to do this search google for (iqpanel 2 latest firmware) Select the first link the pops up and watch your step by step

I needed to do multiple panel software updates. Finally when I received the message that the software is up to date, then the dual path wifi test passed.