IQ Panel 2 - Extender/Repeater?

I have a smoke and heat detector that drop pretty regularly as they are far away. Is there a repeater that works well with the IQ Panel 2?


Most signal repeaters don’t repeat life safety device signals.

What is the make/model of smoke detector in use?


This is it: Qolsys QS5110-840.


If upgrade the panel to Panel 2+ will that solve my issues?


There are no repeaters that will repeat life safety device signals that work with the IQ Panel 2.

Are you able to move the wireless smoke closer to the panel and still protect the desired area?

If upgrade the panel to Panel 2+ will that solve my issues?

Perhaps, switching to the IQ Panel 2+ would allow for the use of PowerG sensors which offer more range

Thank you for that suggestion. I will give it a try.
Is it pretty straightforward to upgrade from IQ2 to IQ2+? I assume that if I upgrade the panel then I could just replace the 2 sensors that are giving me problems and all would be well?

Thanks again!

The process to switch from IQ2 to IQ2+ is pretty easy.

It may be possible for your current service provider to run a backup of current sensor settings and user codes to push to the new panel. If not, manually programming sensors is the same process.

If range is the issue, then swapping out the 319.5Mhz sensors with PowerG sensors would also be relatively simple yes.

In addition to moving the sensor mounting location (if possible) sometimes deleting the sensor from programming and re-adding can have a positive impact as well.

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