iQ Panel 2+ and Genie Garage

Hello all.

I’ve had my Genie smart garage door integrated with for a long while now and it’s worked fine till now. Recently I’ve noticed long delays in reporting the garage door opening or closing or not getting notifications at all other times. It’ll report the garage door open when it’s actually closed

The status and notifications from within the Genie app itself are always correct and immediate, so there seems to be an issue with the integration only. Any help would be appreciated.


It is a back-end integration and it is possible that the sync between ADC and Aladdin Connect for your device is not working properly.

As a quick test I’d like to clear the Genie link so that you can re-enable it for a fresh installation and see if there is a difference in behavior.

Can I clear that device from your account?

Yes please do.

Done. Wait a few minutes, power cycle the opener and then try again.

Ok so you want me to unplug and plug the opener back in?

I added the Genie back in to the app and it got added fine, but I used the Genie app to open the garage and it opened fine, but the app still shows that it’s closed and I didn’t get any notifications which I have set up. eventually caught up and now shows correct door state but it took like 20 mins or so. So same as before.

It seems to be working better today. But I’ll keep an eye on it, maybe it’s just intermittently working better.

I spoke too soon. It’s back to having a delay, but not so bad right now it’s about 5 to 10 minutes from when the door opens or closes until recognize it. Any other things I can try?

Since the integration is on the back end, the issue is more likely between ADC and Genie servers.

If you refresh the app garage page to get a new status does it update?

My guess is this is a status sharing issue and it is getting updated later via polling. I’ve reached out to ADC to let them know and see if they can recreate.

Refreshing the garage door page in app does NOT update the status.

Were you able to notify about this issue? Still seeing major problems, sometimes it takes hours to update the status.

Yes, I have spoken with ADC. Can you test and provide time stamps when you open the garage door and when the status updated?

ADC would like to match that up with your account history.

Also, is there any difference between looking in the website and the app in terms of when the status updates?

Of course now it seems to be working fine but I’ll continue trying it out over the weekend.

I’ve been told ADC had Genie look into this and this should actually be resolved now.

It does seem better or is fixed completely. Because it was intermittent before I wasn’t sure but I’ll keep an eye on it now. Thank you.

So this had been working fine for a while and now seems completely broken again. is no longer seeing Aladdin status.

Are remote commands failing as well or just status when locally changed?