IQ Panel 2 and 60-807-95R


I ordered a few Interlogix 60-807-95R motion detectors. I installed the first without trouble. I then installed the Qolsys QS1230-840 IQ S-Line without trouble. When I went to install the next Interlogix 60-807-95R, the auto learn timed out. I tried to auto learn a few more times. Finally I tried a different one. Again, it wouldn’t auto learn. I decided to manually add the ID. However, in the panel was a message that said something like “unknown sensor”. This was the first of 10 or so devices that wouldn’t auto learn. So I deleted the device from the panel and tried to auto learn again. This time I received a message saying the sensor was already learned into the panel. However it was referring to the original Interlogix 60-807-95R that paired without trouble. Is it not possible to have multiple Interlogix 60-807-95R sensors?

Do you have any other S-line devices you could try?

If you try to learn in an S-line device now, does it work?