IQ panel 2 ADT change code

Just bought a home with a panel 2 set up by ADT. The installer code has been changed and they say it has been deleted and the ONLY way to use my panel is with ADT service… is this correct? Can this be set up by another company or do I have a brick on my wall? I WILL NOT USE ADT. any help?


Well, pretty sure there is no way to DELETE the installer code, strange answer they gave there, but it can certainly be changed. There is also a Dealer Code which has a higher access level and the default is 2222. Worth a try.

ADT has started using AFAIK the IQ Panel 2/2+ only comes with communicators. Generally that would mean that any dealer can monitor that panel.

There is some precedence set by certain dealers. Vivint cellular modules used with the GC2 years back were arbitrarily registered to only be usable by Vivint.

I haven’t seen confirmation of that with any ADT IQ Panel though, so it is worth a shot checking it out. The IQ Panel 2+ has an IMEI number printed on the label on the back of the back-plate. You can check that IMEI here to see if it is registered to an account currently. It may very well be still tied to an account that was left active to lock the panel down.

Thank you for the rapid response. Tried the 2222 code as well. If it is still registered does that mean I’m good or bad as far as using it… or do I need to just buy a new panel?

Again, thank you

If it is still registered to an account that means the current service provider (ADT) would need to cancel the account associated with it to let you use it again.

Most companies will freely do this, keeping the panel registered typically incurs some cost.

If they won’t work with you or release the panel it would need to be replaced.

It is very likely that they use the standard 319.5 IQ Panel 2+ models, but there is also a 433 and 345Mhz model. To make sure you choose the correct replacement, what are the model numbers of a couple of your alarm sensors? This can usually be found on the back of the housing or inside the cover.

Will check when I get home… thank you much

Got imei and says already assigned to account…

That means your panel is currently tied to an existing account, likely through ADT.

The module needs to be unregistered in order to sign up for service through Surety as it can only be tied to one account at time.

You will need to contact them directly to get the panel’s module unregistered.