IQ Hardwire PowerG with Wired Sensors

I’m migrating from a Vista 20P that has wired motion and door contacts. I see a number of these wired sensors have resistors in series on their comms terminals.

Should I keep the resistors as is when reconnecting the old sensors to the new IQ Hardwire PowerG?

I don’t know off the top of my head but the installation manual should tell you if it expects a specific resistance from sensor loops.

See page 12 about supervision and EOL resistors. Although if the EOL resistors are at the panel and not at the end of the line then they aren’t really providing supervision.

Here’s a better answer.

Hi @heisendoggie, thank you for the info. I ended up keeping the resistors as installed by ADT on the Vista 20P and transferred them to the PowerG. Since they’re all working as normal, I’ll keep them.

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