IQ door/window extended sensor not registering magnetic side

I purchased an IQ Mini Door/Windows Extended Sensor for my system (IQ Mini Door/Window Extended Sensor - Surety). I have wired the contacts in the sensor to a door lock, and have the sensor placed on the door (if you’re looking at my system remotely it’s the sensor that has the words “Secondary” in it.)

I’ve registered the sensor with my IQ4 setup, and the wired portion of the sensor works flawlessly. However, I cannot get the magnetic side of the sensor to ever register that the sensor is in the “open” position. The sensor is currently configured as a “Door/Window” sensor in IQ4, I’ve tried the “Door/Window M” to see if that made a difference and it did not.

Is there something special I need to do in order to get both of the sensors in the unit registered?

And just to be clear on my expectations here, I believe this device should support a primary and secondary alarm per the IQ docs here (IQ DW EXTENDED – QOLSYS).

Other sites support the idea that this sensor should support two sensors/zones (for example: Qolsys IQ DW MINI EXTENDED-S - Encrypted Wireless Sensors for IQ Panel 2 - Alarm Grid).

Hmm, Door Window - M is what should be used from what I recall, but on 4.4.1 firmware here is what I am seeing:

When programmed as a normal Door Window type (not - M) the sensor’s wired input works, but the panel is using AND logic, requiring both the Input and the reed switch to be in an Open state to report open. The second of them to open always triggers the panel’s open status for that zone. This is expected since whichever you use, either input or reed switch, the other would be left open if you are just using one.

When programmed as Door Window - M, I am seeing the reed switch correctly work independently of the input, but the input’s activity does not seem to register at all. OR logic doesn’t work.

I reached out to Qolsys and they confirmed it should be Door Window - M and are testing to see if they can replicate and determine what is wrong or if anything changed.

Qolsys engineering got back to me and they are saying that the sensor cannot work as both the reed switch and the input independently. They stated that it only works as either a wired input or a reed switch. The other must be left open and programmed as a Door Window, not a Door Window - M (multifunction type).

This is an odd limitation, but it jogged my memory and it has actually come up before:

I was expecting Door Window - M to work for it since it is what is used for things like combined shock/door window sensors, but it does not.

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Ah ok I would have expected to be able to use both since their docs seem to indicate it can broadcast both the primary and secondary sensor trips.

  • Code outputs: tamper, tamper restore, alarm (primary open), alarm restore (primary close), external alarm (secondary wired open), external restore (secondary wired closed), low battery.

I did play around a bit more and noticed the following when I switched between “Door/Window” and “Door/Window Extended” (when I have the magnet installed as well as the wired sensors):

Programmed as Door/Window:

Wired           Reed             System Status
Closed          Closed          Not triggered
Open            Closed            Not triggered
Open            Open            Triggered                <--- This is what I care about the most
Closed          Open          Not triggered

Programmed as Door/Window M

Wired           Reed             System Status
Closed          Closed          Not triggered
Open          Closed            Not triggered
Open            Open            Triggered
Closed          Open            Triggered

Since the behavior of the Door/Window does what I’m primarily looking for, I’ll stick with that and use a separate IQ sensor for my other use case on that door. Thanks for your help!