IQ Bulb programing manual?


I bought an IQ bulb from you earlier this year, and it worked well with my Oolsys panel. Recently, I had to do a full reset of the router and Oolsys panel, and I now seem to have lost the ability to have my bulb go on and off at set times. I dont seem to have a manual to refer to , and looking at your website, you dont have it on the site. Can you please send it to me? The bulb says Domitech on it, so I went to their website, but they dont have a manual online either.

Thank you

IQ Lightbulb manual:

If you reset your Qolsys panel to default you would need to perform a “Clear Device” function in the Z-wave settings first, and activate the bulb, this will clear the parent network data saved in the bulb radio itself, then you can add it again to the IQ panel.

Dear Jason,

I was able to reconnect the bulb, but I no longer have the ability to set the on and off time. Can you help me with that?


That is either under rules or the other setting I can think of it at the moment but u will have get on the site from the computer

Oh, ok. I see rules and schedules, so I will play around with that.

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Here is a snap shot

Thanks. I did find the functionality and did set it up. However, the light did not turn on as I expected. It was about 6pm when I did it. I turn on the bulb manually. Do I need to do something else to get this to stick?



It doesn’t look like there is a Surety subscription tied to this user, so I am unable to check your rules to confirm, but one very common problem with Z-wave bulbs is them being just switched off locally.

The bulb must be powered to receive a signal from the system. If the lamp/fixture is turned off via a local switch, the bulb would be receiving no power and cannot function.