IQ and IQ2 questions

  1. Is there a way to prevent either panel’s screen from lighting up when I arm/disarm? I want to install either the main IQ or the IQ2 in my bedroom, but the screens are quite bright and that’ll wake up my wife. Arm/disarm by any method (eg lights up all the panels.

  2. On the IQ2 chimes seem to be all or nothing. I want to hear the countdown chimes during the entry delay, but not all the other assorted chimes

From Qolsys:

If you want IQ2 not to chime, click on “APP”, then “Sound” and uncheck “Chime”. (Does this also remove countdown for you?)

There’s no option in programming to stop IQ2 from waking up if someone arms system from IQ panel or APP. (You can edit brightness settings for bedroom panel)

Thanks for the quick responses.

Turning off chimes on the IQ2 also kills the countdown sounds. If I install it next to an entry, that’s a problem.

There is no option to change brightness on the IQ2, at least w/ firmware 1.5. Unless I’m missing it. Reducing regular IQ brightness makes it very difficult to see with bright lighting/sunlight

I see you guys often communicate with Qolsys based on forum posts. Do you think Qolsys would consider remedying these things in future updates>

It’s a bit hidden (Brightness) and found under More - Wifi Settings. Some device settings are also found here including “Display”

User requests and feedback are a large part of what drives updates and modifications. We are happy to pass along the feedback.

I came to post pics showing that no such option exists, but I see in another thread you already mentioned that these options were removed in 1.5, and will come back with a future patch. Did they give you any timeline?

IQ2 feels very much like a beta. Generally I like to try out betas, but not for a home security system.

I do not have a timeline, no. But yes, Chime adjustment and Display settings are supposed to return in an upcoming patch. I’ll see if I can prod a bit more detail out.