IQ 2+ poor signal to S Line devices

I have a brand new IQ 2+ with 3 mini door sensors and a motion detector. I have noticed that one sensor barely connects to the panel and just overnight I had a second state it lost communication. At first I was thinking a single faulty sensor or potentially interference. One sensor is about 12 feet diagonal to the panel, however it goes through a wall and the kitchen. But the sensor that failed is about 15-17 feet through the open air. I know that the S Line sensors are supposed to be rated for 600ft open air, so at this point I’m thinking that potentially it’s the panel itself? Could the cell antenna be interfering with the s line antenna? Is it possible there’s other interference on the 319Mhz spectrum? I could consider PowerG modules as I know their on 900Mhz and supposedly have a 2000ft range, but I’d expect to get more than 15ft line of sight on my sensors.

Do you have the white sensor antenna run out the back of the panel into the wall? If the panel is not wall mounted, is the white sensor antenna run out of the panel back plate?

Double check that that white antenna is not pinched in the panel casing.

Are the doors/frames made of metal?

Funny you mention that. I was thinking about that last night and wondering what that antenna was for. It’s wall mounted and the antenna is actually looped up in the case itself since I could not route it out. I assume I can just drill a hole in the wall and feed the antenna into there?

Yep, there is a small hole in the back plate right next to the base of the antenna to route the antenna through. Can run that out into the wall.