IQ 2+ panel wifi icon with exclamation point

Passes wifi test and shows “excellent” connection when I tap the wifi icon on the home screen, but the icon has an exclamation point over it. What does this mean?

An exclamation point next to the wifi icon is a universal indication that you can connect on the LAN but not out to the internet. Common network issue.

I can ping the panel though, looks like it is fine at the moment. Connectivity fluctuation can have numerous causes. If it persists try rebooting router.

Wonder why it passed the dual path test if it couldn’t reach the internet?
I rebooted the panel (rather than the router since other devices were connected to the internet just fine). All good now.

Yeah, it was probably a very brief issue and the visual status hadn’t updated. I would expect a test successfully completed would update that but it may just have a specific automatic trigger that hadn’t occurred yet.