IPQ4 Ambient temps - IQ Remote etc

I have an IQP4 and an IQ Remote. I’ve enabled ambient temp display that was added in a somewhat recent firmware upgrade. I’ve noticed two things.

When I view ambient temps on the IQP4 I have 4 sensors showing. Two are smokes and show temp. Two are motion sensors that don’t show temps. I assume this is because the motion sensors may not have temp support. However, I thought it was weird that they would show up in the list for ambient when they don’t have temps. It has been over 12 hours since I’ve deployed the motion sensors so I would assume if they supported temp it would have displayed by now. It would be better if sensors without temp support do not clutter the list.

The second thing is that the ambient temp tab doesn’t show up on the IQ Remote. Nothing in the firmware update says they would, but it would be nice if we saw some consistency with the IQ Remote.

I’m a little disappointed with the functionality of the IQ Remote. I was really hoping for something that supported what was happening on the IQP4 instead of a basic UI. It would be clever if they could make it remote the screen of the IQP4 over WiFi.

Interesting, I am not seeing this on my test setup with a motion installed, but I may not be using the same motions you are. What is the model number of motion you are using for Motion Detector and Family Room Motion?

Since adding those sensors, have you rebooted the panel?

I have not rebooted the panel. They are both the 9984’s.

Thanks for that information… I have a PG9924 on my panel which does not show up in the Ambient tab.

I have passed this information on to Qolsys as it may be a bug related to the motion sensor type.

Ambient does not appear on the IQ Remote. Whether this is a feature that will be enabled in the future, I cannot say for certain but it would likely come in a FW update.

Thank you, Sir.

No problem.

I can confirm 2 things atm. First, the ambient feature is not currently available on the IQ Remote. Whether or not that is being planned for future FW I could not say.

Second, the issue with the motion sensor has been recreated on my end and by Qolsys support. It has been passed to engineers for review. It appears to be a bug, which would be resolved through firmware. I could not say at this time when that will be resolved but the issue has been escalated.

This appears to impact just the 9984 motions

Thanks. I’m a software engineer and tend to enjoy the process of identifying issues and really have no problem with being dependent on the typical release cycles and priorities. This one is low impact. Now if I were to be ask for an enhancement request it would be to enable the use of ambient temp from a device in automations.

I am happy to pass that request on to Qolsys. Most of the automation devices that are compatible, like thermostats and temp sensors, will show that information on a separate section.

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