iOS notifications not working

I have had a constant struggle to keep notifications working on my iPhone. I recently changed devices and set up the ADC app on my new phone, turned on the notifications within the app, etc but have not been able to get them working. I then tried disabling notifications then logging in to ADC website and deleting all my push devices so I could add them again fresh. I turned on notifications again in the app on my phone and then checked the push device appeared online which it did. Notifications are still not working for me. I’m not sure what else to do. They are working fine for my wife’s phone. Help!

For push notifications, if your phone powers down and restarts I believe you will need to re-open the ADC app before push notifications will work.

If that is not the case, can you provide the phone models you are using (yours and the working one)

Do you ever get Push notifications on the device in question, or has it just never once worked?

Yes the app is open and push enabled in the settings. I basically swapped phones due to a defective one - the old was working fine. iPhone 6 plus. The 2nd phone that is working is an iPhone 6.

Can you try this: Remove your phone from ADC devices list, deleted the app on your phone, and re-download the app, then turn on push notifications and set your phone to receive notifications?