iOS app sensor status delay

When comparing sensor status (open/closed) in the IQ4 panel vs the iOS app, I am seeing a delay of several minutes before the status in the iOS app matches the correct status of the sensors as shown in the panel. The behavior is the same for all of my sensors.

Even doing the pull-down gesture to force a refresh of the status in the app doesn’t seem to make any difference. I have also tried rebooting the panel and that didn’t seem to change the behavior.

There is an intentional delay in repeated sensor activity monitoring status registration in history.

For door window sensors there is a 3 minute delay between ADC reporting the same status change again.

So in effect, when a door/window sensor opens it will register in ADC, then 3 minutes later it will be able to register open again in ADC. If you open the sensor 50 times repeatedly within a few minutes it will only show open/closed once in ADC, then again 3 minutes later.

For motion detectors/interior follower programmed detectors, there is up to 1 hour delay, so in effect the at a glance status shows you if activity has occurred on motion detectors in the past hour.