Ion Micra Window Malfunction Message

A few months ago, we began to get malfunction messages for a windows sensor. We will get the message "Downstairs Bedroom Window reported a malfunction at X:XX am. Later in the day we will get an “End of Malfunction” message. I replaced the battery in the sensor which did not solve the problem. Then I replaced the entire sensor which also did not solve the problem. The sensor is an Ion Micra Window Sensor. I would really appreciate any help you can offer. Thanks.

See this post for a related discussion.

Typically this indicates a loss of supervision error. You can verify this by checking your alarm panel history and match it to the malfunctions listed on

Supervision is a timed-check in signal that lets your panel know the sensors are present and functioning. If rf signal is borderline low from that sensor’s location, supervision errors are common. In this case a signal repeater can help out. You could disable supervision for that sensor, but that does not fix the underlying issue.

I installed a repeater (Resolution Products Long Range Sensor Repeater RE220T) which so far seems to have fixed the problem. Thanks for your help!