Invalid number on module?

We chatted a few weeks ago about my 2GIG cellular module. I’ve finally got the unit powered-up and linked my z-wave thermostat (still need to mount and link door and motion sensors), but now that I can see the radio status screen and cellular test screens (cell test fails since it’s not registered?), I’m ready to get service setup. The cell module is AT&T and it’s new from I tried the SN on your site, but says it’s not valid? Do I need to do something directly with or what Info can I give you to get an account setup?

The needed number is referred to as the “ADC” on Verizon module boxes, and the “IMEI” on AT&T module boxes. This module number check, which it seems you have already found, can be used to confirm not only that you have the correct number, but to check the current status of the module as well.

If the module is installed, there is an easy way to access the number we need from the panel, given you are using a 2GIG panel. From the home screen, push the icon in the lower right hand corner of the panel, enter your current installer code to enter the installer’s toolbox, then select the button that says, “radio status”. The screen you see now should show a list of the numbers. Second from the top is the “serial number” which is what we need. This video demonstrates all of the necessary steps to get to this screen.