Invalid Access Code

I keep getting an error message when I try to update the name on one of my contacts. the message states: “Code **** is invalid. It is already in use.” I tried deleting the user and I still get the same message with that particular code. This morning I tried again and the user with this code reappeared in my list of users. How do I delete this code or update the name?

Keep in mind deleting a user through will take a little time to process and confirm.

Allow 5 minutes after deleting to try and create the new user using the same code.

Or, as long as the user isn’t the primary account holder, you can simply edit the name. (Keep in mind on a GC2 this will not change the name the panel shows)

You cannot use the same code for two panel user slots. You also cannot use the same code for the installer code or duress code as another user.

If you are having further trouble getting a user code to clear after deleting the user in, let us know as it may be more signaling related