Introducing Familiar Vehicle Analytics for Video

Introducing’s latest innovation in video intelligence — Familiar Vehicle Analytics

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Now users with Video Analytics can know exactly whose cars are coming and going.’s new Familiar Vehicle Analytics capability lets you identify specific vehicles as familiar to receive customized alerts when either known or unknown cars are detected.
Set up is quick and easy:

  • Create a vehicle detection rule and begin receiving alerts.
  • Enroll and name the vehicle from the Familiar Vehicle settings screen (e.g. Jane’s Honda CR-V).
  • Now, you can receive alerts when a familiar vehicle is detected, only when an unfamiliar vehicle is detected, or when any vehicle is detected.

You can perform additional training from the notifications or by clicking the ellipses next to clips on the Saved Clips page if needed.

Familiar_Vehicle Analytics_UI

Enhanced awareness for proactive response

As the first to know when familiar or unfamiliar vehicles arrive at their property, users can respond proactively to visitors or intruders before they even exit their cars. The goal of this feature is not just to provide you with more targeted awareness but to enable enhanced proactive response.

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