Internet Filter Blocking CAMs and Garage Door Gateway

I installed a internet content filter on my home LAN for preventing inappropriate content, etc. The content filter seems to be blocking my ADC cams and my Liftmaster gateway. I can create an exception in my filter so that it will allow access through the filter. However, I need to know the URL that the cams and garage gateway talk to. Are they both talking to



Hmmm, first time I’ve heard that one. When it blocks the connection, doesn’t the content filter provide you log of which URL or IP address it’s blocked connections to? It should have that information stored somewhere.

If not, we could figure it out with a network sniffer. It might be a day or two before I would have time to set up that experiment though.

The cameras should be connecting to an server but the garage doors are connecting to a Liftmaster server and going through Liftmaster to get to

Try and/or Do you need port numbers as well or just the hostnames?