Internal Antenna Placement 2GIG GC2 Panel

I bought a 2GIG-LTEV1-A-GC2 4G communicator kit to upgrade and switch to Surety.

It came with 2 antenna’s for MAIN and DIV. The antenna’s are longer than the original and I would like to know how the internal antenna is designed to be properly put inside the panel.

A picture would be nice.

Does anyone know if this communicator is actually a 2GIG device? If so, maybe 2GIG could answer this question?

The diagram “Figure 2” in the manual here shows the placement for the 2GIG LTE antenna labeled Div.

On old model GC2’s though you may have a piece of plastic protruding out beside the speaker housing which prevents this, in which case you might try loosely leaving it near the bottom of the case, or running it out as well.

Yes, the modules for 2GIG Panels are 2GIG designed products (unlike Interlogix ADC modules which are made by ADC).

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Just swapped my cellular module and ran into this issue. I did as Jason suggested: loosely leaving it near the bottom of the case. I thought about modifying the plastic near the speaker, but decided not to go that route.