Intermatic HA04 (Outdoor Lighting Module)

I included a couple of HA04 modules to the Qolsys panel, no problems. I saw it came up as a “Sensor Type” “Water Valve”. Well, I figured, that has and open and close, so while odd, it’ll work (and does). I’m currently using them for Xmas lights.

However, to be family friendly, I need it to show up on the Qolsys Remote Panel. I’m guessing it doesn’t because it’s considered a “Water Valve”. Keep in mind, on the app it does show up as a “Light”.

Is there any way to change the type or jigger the remote panel to show the “valve”?


There would be no way to manually assign a device type. Generally all devices should be controllable through the IQ Remote touchscreens as well, but the device you mention is not on the list of officially supported devices.

Not being on that list doesn’t necessarily mean it won’t work, but it hasn’t been tested and firmware does not address any unique aspects of it.

Typically switches are very simple, on-off, and almost all of them should work fine. I’ll double check with Qolsys but since it is not on the list it may be unlikely they would have a work-around.

So multiple of the same model learned into the panel as the same water valve type?

Any change in the list after rebooting the IQ Remote?

I haven’t specifically tried rebooting the remote, I’ll do that though I don’t expect it to fix it. Worth a try though.

Yes, both switches came up as Water Valves. And I did pair, clear, and re-pair the first one with no different results.

Thanks for checking with Qolsys folks!

Unfortunately Qolsys is not able to provide much in the way of troubleshooting due to the fact it is not a tested and supported device.

There would be no way to change the device type reported when learning into the IQ Panel.

The Jasco/GE outdoor module on the list here might be a good alternative.

Just to wrap this all up. I did try a reboot and an OTA update and the “water valve” didn’t show up on the remote panel. And, as you can tell, the HA04 still remained a “water valve”.

For others, the HA03 (indoor switch) does show up and work properly.

Thanks for the help Jason.

Happy to try and help, sorry that didn’t work. There is the Jasco outdoor switch in the Qolsys devices list that should work for you if you need control from the IQ Remote, and it would show up as a switch.