Interlogix TX6010-01-1

Hi, I purchased some Interlogix TX-6010-01-1 Smoke Detectors for my IQ Panel. They pair fine with the panel, however according to the manual the light should flash every nine seconds. Mine is solid red. Also, the siren is sounding every 15-20 minutes after it is initally silenced. And to top it off its sending false alarms to the panel every few minutes. I have three of them and opened up two and both are alike in behavior. Any suggestions to solve this issue?

The TX-6010-01-1 is a 1-way communication device as far as I know. It transmits but I don’t think it receives signals. The problem shouldn’t have anything to do with the control panel. I don’t see anything in the manual about a solid LED, unless that’s what they mean by 0 flashes. Have you tried working with the company you purchased them from to get them working properly or get them replaced?

TX-6010-01-1 LED Codes