Interlogix Shock / Reed Sensor

I just purchased a QolSys panel last week and have been trying to complete the installation today. It appears I have run into a snag and I’m not sure if there is a workaround. My QolSys IQ panel is running the latest firmware but I noticed my RF PIC is only 6-G. I am using the following sensors from my legacy system.

These sensors were discovered fine and are reporting back during my sensor tests. The issue I am having is either getting them to provide status or even reporting back to the panel when open / closed. Even when I arm the system, they will not trip the alarm. I have tried setting them up as Window/Door, Window/Door-M and Shock according to some of the other forum posts I’ve read. I have even tried to add them via learning and manual but I am now thinking they will not work because of the compatibility issue listed below.

This compatibility list indicates my sensor isn’t supported with my RF PIC version. If it comes down to it, I’m willing to disable the shock sensor in order to get the reed to work and provide status. I’m going to be pretty bummed if I need to buy new sensors since I have (20) of them and the reason I decided to go with QolSys was because of their support for the 319.5 Mhz sensors which is what I was using with my POC Simon.

I’m open to any ideas or suggestions. Thanks in advance!

In this case I would recommend contacting the seller and swapping out the Qolsys panel for a newer version if that is feasible. If I recall, that PIC version is not available for field upgrade.

If you could get them to send you a new unit, it would certainly be more cost effective than buying 20 new sensors.