Interference with Qolsys controller and hardwire translator

I have a Qolsys IQ Panel 2 with a hardwire translator that has had some flaky behavior on and off where hardwire sensors will randomly report that they’re open. I tried everything to resolve this, but usually just resetting the controller causes it to resolve, and for the last several months it’s been fine.

Fast forward to today. I removed a ZWave hub that normally sits near my alarm panel and hardwire translator and installed a new one. Within 20 minutes I started getting alerts that doors were opening. Could it be that the ZWave radio is intefering with the hardwire translator’s radio? Alternatively, could it be something with them being on the same electrical circuit?


Z-Wave (908.42 MHz) should not interfere with Qolsys/Interlogix wireless sensors (319.5 MHz). What model hub is it?

When you say they’re on the same electrical circuit, which circuit? Are they on the same DC power supply? Can you upload a pic of the wiring?

They use separate power supplies but are on the same electrical circuit (the same circuit breaker) in my house. I previously spent weeks troubleshooting the alarm panel, looking for loose wires, replacing the hardwire translator, replacing resistors, and so on, and the problem never completely went away. This sudden occurrence shortly after I plugged in the Z-wave controller just seemed suspicious.

I agree it’s suspicious but also unlikely. Anything’s possible. Does the hub transmit anything other than Z-wave that happens to be in the 319.5 MHz range?

It would be easy to experiment on the electrical circuit theory. Just get a long extension coord and try plugging one of the devices into a different circuit for a while to see if the problem goes away.

This is an old thread, but I wanted to drop another random datapoint here:

Today I turned on the vacuum and instantly my Qolsys panel said window open, window open, over and over. Turned off the vacuum and it went back to normal. I’ve had occasionally faulty signals, but they’re rare enough (one every few months) that this was clearly suspicious.

I still am thinking there’s something about the electricity going to either the hardwire translator or the IQ panel that is vulnerable to interference from other things. FWIW, since I originally created this thread, i started running my IQ panel and translator off of surge protectors, but that didn’t prevent the vacuum problem.

Interesting. Was the vacuum plugged into the same circuit the HW translator is?