Integration of Z-Wave Garage Door Opener Remote Controller with 2gig

I’m thinking to integrate Z-Wave Garage Door Opener Remote Controller with my 2gig/ and LiftMaster 1/2 (haven’t figured out the product ID further yet…I don’t have a stepladder to have a closer look).

Question is, does this Z-Wave Remote Controller work with a “traditional” remote controller if I choose to add one? I guess yes, because the Z-Wave one comes with garage door sensor that I assume reports back the garage door status to 2gig. Could someone confirm?

Also, just a curiosity, what happens when open/close commands are sent from both traditional and Z-Wave remote controllers at the same time?

I didn’t mean to post it in “Tech Support” category. Could someone move this thread into maybe “2gig”?

This thread is moved to under a better category.