Installing Schlage BE-469NX lock

After installing Schlage BE-469NX lock, is not working correctly. Remote commands will lock door but rules will not. For example, I want to door to lock automatically when the system is armed “stay”. This is not happening. Also, I do not have the option of getting notifications when a particular user unlocks the door using a panel code. My only option is “all users”. Can you look into this for me?

Unfortunately I have to give you the caveat that I do not recommend Schlage locks for use with 2Gig and Schlage firmware changes do not seem to be communicated to other manufacturers and service providers for whatever reason, and they are the models that have compatibility breaking issues consistently with most controllers. See this post for more info. I cannot stress this enough.

That said, I have contacted ADC and am awaiting word on whether they are aware of this as a model-specific issue and if a fix is known.

Well shoot. Wish I had researched this more before buying that lock. Love the thing otherwise, but I know those small things will annoy me more and more.

Maybe I can return the thing and go get a Yale.

Thanks for checking with ADC!

Yeah, I don’t want to just be a bearer of bad news, we’ve just seen a remarkably high volume of ADC and 2Gig lock compatibility issues be directly related to Schlage models and Schlage alone. It’s frustrating all around, which is why we just do not recommend them at this time. From what I have seen they are nice, well-built locks, it just comes down to integration.

I know that ADC is still putting a good deal of development time toward these locks though, so the issues usually get sorted out. However, new problems pop up just as fast.

I just installed two BE469NX’s at my house and everything went smoothly and they work well. The only issue I’m having is that one lock is not reporting the battery percentage on ADC. Any ideas?

I’m sad to read that y’all don’t recommend these. I checked ADC’s website and the locks say they are supported, so I went for it. I hope I don’t have to change to Yale - I think I recall that they were a lot more expensive and they were not level 1 security locks.


The sad and frustrating thing is that both and Schlage say that the locks are compatible:

I completely empathize with everyone struggling with Schlage, 2GIG and The BE469 is still a supported lock so we can report problems and hope for resolutions. The BE369 is no longer supported by

do you think removing and re-adding the lock might get the battery monitoring to add? I added the lock with the panel next to the lock, but then shortly after finishing, moved my main panel back upstairs. I’m wondering if it didn’t have time to finish sync’ing. I noticed it took a lot longer to get the access codes than the other lock did. I also noticed that when I added it, it removed itself twice from another ‘pairing’ before it would add to my system. It was a bit different experience that the other lock I got. Otherwise everything works great - rules and all.

Removing and re-adding couldn’t hurt. It is always a great step for troubleshooting, but you would want to allow some time after removing the lock (15 minutes or so) and then re-add. You will need to recreate all the rules in ADC.

All things equal, the control experience between two locks shouldn’t be substantially different. Slight variations in how long signals take can occur, but should be slight, so if you are noticing a number of irregularities from the same device, yes, definitely re-add. You can either take the lock to the panel or the panel to the lock, but I would leave them close together (within a few feet) for a couple minutes during the pairing process and verify that the panel has displayed the proper type of device. Then, after returning the device or panel to its permanent location, run a Zwave Network Rediscovery.

ohh, thanks for that Jason - I did not do a rediscover after moving my panel back upstairs. It seems to be working fine, but I’ll do that tonight.

Thanks again for all the help.

Not a problem. Yes, you will always want to finish any new Zwave device installation by running a network rediscovery once everything is in its permanent location. This will map all the device routes as well as tell you generally if a device is now unreachable.

OK…I have removed the Schlage lock and installed the Yale lock sold on this site.

Everything seems to be working now except the “user code disarming panel” rule.

I have deleted and recreated the rule, done network discovery, etc. and nothing is working.

Jason, I saw you were able to do some sort of hard reset when another use had this problem. Would that help me as well?

Strange to just have the one not working. We could certainly send a reset. Just verify you are not in programming and we’ll send it.

Let us know if this solves the rule activation issue.

Not in programming. Do you need any other info from me?

Is it working now?

It is. Thanks for all your help guys…on a Saturday no less!

resurrecting this thread…

are there any known issues with the Qolsys panel and this Schlage model? Or is this strictly an issue?

No known issues exist currently between Qolsys and the BE469NX. It is listed on Qolsys’ official compatible devices list. Make sure you are using the latest firmware 1.4.3