Installing panic fob

I can’t get my system to recognize or add the panic gobs I have. Model:RF-FOB-PANIC

Looks like this is referencing a 319.5 Mhz panic button.

One common issue when learning panic buttons is that most require a 2-3 second button hold to send a signal. This is a safety feature to avoid false alarms from bumping it in your pocket.

Make sure when the panel is listening for sensors to add that you hold the button down.

If you are still having trouble, first try rebooting the panel. Settings > Advanced Settings > Reboot Panel.

Double check the battery polarity in the sensor as well.

I keep getting the message- it is not possible to enroll an image sensor on this panel since the hardware necessary is not present

That is normal and unrelated. The panel will display that as a general warning regarding the model image sensor which requires a specific hardware card in the panel.

While the panel is listening for a device, press and hold the panic button. Does the panic button have an LED that lights up? If not have you checked the battery?