Installing DW-10: "3D" Door Frame

What is the recommended way to install “2GIG-DW10-345” when the door frame is not on the same level with the door?

“2GIG-DW10-345” say to install the sensor on the frame and the magnet on the door.
It also says that the magnet side needs to be placed against the sensor “| | |” sign.

In this case, I broke the 2 rules above, and installed sensor on the door, and the magnet on the frame + the only way magnet could be mount is to look “up” at the sensor, rather than sideways. I tested it, it seems to work: “a magnet is just a magnet” I thought.

Let me know if this is not recommended, and if it is not, what is.

Orientation does matter, but typically you will only notice it if other factors cause an issue, like metal doors/frames. In most circumstances you would not notice a difference in operation at all.

thanks Warren. yea, no metal door frames on this one. a couple more doors I had to use a dremel to build in the sensor.

but it does work “sideways”: panel picks it up perfectly.