Installing ADC-V720W to Vivint Sky Control Panel

Following some online recommendations to buy this ‘unofficial’ Vivint outdoor camera ADC-V720W, I am now trying to install it to my Vivint control panel. The YouTube Video shows what I am doing. How do I get past the communication error?

I tried to share a YouTube Video of this issue but I guess that is not allowed. Attached is a video.


If you google “Installing ADC-V720W to Vivint Sky Control Panel”, and look for the YouTube link, you’ll see technical issues.

I did the reverse, I installed a Sky ADC-520IR on

I kept getting an error, it was because there was a firmware mismatch (sky “2m” instead of the ADC “100e”). I did get it installed though, but I manually had to enter the MAC, because it couldn’t automatically find it.

Installation process should be the same for the ADC-V520IR that Vivint uses. Whether the panel can use/is compatible with the 720W is a different story though… The Sky doesn’t use

The 720W is usually recommended for those with a Vivint ADC backend (Go!Control users). Interested to see how it functions.

Sharing youtube videos is allowed. Just put the youtube video url in your post and it should embed the video. Did it not work when you tried to post?

saw video (couldn’t get it to play on tablet for some reason)…

You don’t have to hide the installer code…everyone knows it is 2203.

As for your communication error… you most likely will never get it to work on the Skypanel (on the other hand, it should work no problem whatsoever for those with the Vivint Go!Control panel/ backend). The Skypanel supported cams (e.g. V520IR), uses a custom firmware that is a M2M variant of the firmware, and for it to work on the Skypanel, the panel has to recognize it (hence a Skypanel firmware issue also). Problem is, it doesn’t. Hence your communication issue.

Currently the V720 is not a supported ADC camera for Vivint. (this may change soon though, as Vivint is beta testing outdoor cameras…most likely the V720 I would suspect).

Wait for official support and subsequent firmware updates is my suggestion. Keep in mind that since your V720 is not a Vivint branded version with custom cam firmware, even if and when there is a Vivint Skypanel firmware update to support it, it may still not work.

For more info on the Vivint skypanel (aka the 2GIG Go!2.0 panel), see: