Installer Toolbox

I have a 2GiG system that was installed by SuretyCam pre DIY. I’m trying to install the system in a new house and add some sensors, the default code isn’t working to access the toolbox. Any help would be great.

Hey, happy to help! I was about to look into this but I believe an email reply has just been sent regarding this same question received via email today. I cannot post account-specific details here. Please follow up with our customer service team and they’ll be happy to assist!

Thank you. I got the email about the reply to the post, but I haven’t gotten the email yet. Sorry, about all the inquiries, just working on the system now and trying to get it finished up today.

Don’t worry about asking questions! We’re happy to try to help!

In this case it looks like you are not currently a suretyDIY subscriber. Let us know if you do not see the response email and I will have it resent.

By the way, it looks like this is regarding a system that would be under contract through another agency. Your email has contact information for them. If you moved to a new home with an existing system you would need to update them with the new address information, otherwise the monitoring station will still see your account as tied to the prior address.