Installer passcode

Hello, I bought used a qolsys iq panel alarm and for some reason the footer bar does not come out and I do not have access with the Master code, I read about installation pass code but the original owner does not have it

Happy to help.

Could you elaborate on what you are seeing? I am not sure what you mean by the footer bar “come out.”

Are you saying you are unable to access the Settings menu?

There is no physical method of factory reset, it is only performed through the UI. If you do not have access via any user codes you could try the default dealer code of 2222. Any luck?

Hi, what I try to tell you is that I don’t have access to the whole panel, for example the alarm have set up like it was 1970 and I try to fix it but I can have access to date and time, and I look for everywhere at the settings and it doesn’t show up, I read the manual and i only have access with the installation code but the problem is I got the alarm by ebay and I contacted the seller and He only had the master code he doesn’t know about the installation code, and the default code (1111) doesn’t work or the dealer code.

thanks for your time, Jason.

If you do not have access to either the dealer or installer code on a Qolsys IQ Panel there would be no way to locally reset or gain access except via the assistance of a service provider that allows the user to maintain their own codes.

That happens to be an exact description of suretyDIY :slight_smile:

With an active service subscription you could connect your panel to service through suretyDIY and we can remotely unlock programming and default installer/dealer codes once your panel is communicating with us. All suretyDIY users maintain their own equipment and codes. All service is month to month, cancel any time.

This page goes over how to get started with an existing Qolsys Panel. Be sure to check the module number with the check tool on that page to determine that it is unregistered.

Thank you so much Jason.