Installer Code doesn't disarm TS1

I got everything installed but I noticed that the secondary panel the TS1 doesn’t have my installer code in it. So when I arm from that panel I can’t disarm it because the code is different than the installer code. How do I change the installer code on just the secondary panel? When I try to get into the toolbox it asks for a pin and that isn’t the installer code. Thanks.

Ah, yes. This is by design. The installer code is used for accessing programming, which only occurs on your main pain where the “brain” of the system lives. Arming and disarming should be done via user codes, not the installer code. The default master user code is “1111” but is changed by the end user to the code of their choosing. Multiple codes can be added for multiple users if so desired. While this can be done in the panel programming, it is advised that these changes be made via your account. This video may be of help-

User code management on panel:
Home/security/menu/toolbox/installer code or master code/user management

Note- the installer code can be used to gain access to all user and master codes in event it is known and master user code is not (or is forgotten). Even if panel is locked out (Q44). So choose you installer code wisely and do not use 2203 or 1561 which are the most commonly known codes).

If you set a duress code, do not use 2580 (common duress code)

Note- The user 8 duress code can be used like any other user code to disarm the panel (if that panel is local only, has communication issues, or lacks central station monitoring). So like the Installer Code, choose one only you would know and that cannot be easily guessed (same goes for Master code).

As for TS1

No installer code or installer access from TS1. Only Master other User and duress codes (user 8 code, see above) can be used on TS1

On the main panel, the logo is a shortcut for disarming and Installer access.

The logo on the TS1 is a shortcut for disarming when panel is in an armed state, and is a way to enter a secret panic/duress (regardless of panel arming status).