Installed a new doorbell, it now says I need a video analytics plan?

Installed a new Alarm.Com ADC-VDB770 because my old bell failed. Went through the whole process and mounted it and all that only to have it tell me “This video device cannot be added because the service package does not include Video Analytics”. I don’t really care about analytics, I just want it to do what it used to: act as a doorbell, record when it senses motion and button is pushed and let me see live through the camera. That’s all. Is there a way to use the new one just to do that or do I have to add analytics? Sounds like I’m just getting hit for an unnecessary add-on for more money. Any help? Thanks.

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The ADC-VDB770 does not function without’s Video Analytics and it cannot be added to an account without analytics. It uses analytics for those motion detection recording rules.

Video analytics is included in the Protect and Complete plans, or if you use video only, it is included in the CAM plan. You can adjust your plan at any time in the System Manager here.