Installation Services

Hey guys,

I’m buying a new home that does not have any alarm system equipment installed. I want to put in a GC3 system with service through Surety, however, I don’t really have time to install all of the sensors and such (there will be several). I know you are a DIY company, but what would my best option be to have a system/equipment installed and then use your service?



Welcome, we’re happy to help!

If time is a chief concern with regard to installation, I would first suggest that installation of wireless sensors is not usually a time-intensive task. Wireless door and window sensors are typically installed with adhesive and are physically installed in a matter of seconds, you just need to follow install guidelines for placement.

The panel can be wall mounted, or it could just be used as a table/counter/desktop device with the desk stand back-plate.

However, if you are looking to have someone locally install the system, there are likely a number of low voltage handyman options. Surety is a DIY service and we do not contract installation of systems at this time.

If you search for alarm installers locally, you may run across a few which will not install a system unless it is monitored by them, but hourly installation or maintenance services may be available in many cases.