Installation Questions

I was in the process of installing MyQ Garage to make it work, but during the installation, I put it the serial on first and then when trying to add it to the MyQ Garage is telling me I need to remove it from the current account (alarm). Can you please remove the current garage I have on the account so I can try and see if I can make this work.

Also, I received my alarm package and installed everything good… during the walk test, everything is working excellent except the panic buttons, what could it be that is not letting the system recognize it?

The Liftmaster device can only be added to either the account or the Liftmaster account. If the device is removed from, you will not be able to access it from the app, only the Liftmaster one.

As far as the panic buttons go. Make sure you’re holding down the panic button for 2 seconds so the red LED on the device lights up.

Here is what helped me install the garage after removing it from the account and re-adding it.