Installation instructions for external antenna

I purchased the Rubber Duck External Antenna:

is there a video or any pictures showing how it is installed? I am having a hard time making sense of the included instructions - i.e., exactly where I need to make holes in the case of my alarm panel for the mounting bracket.

I found these pictures from the manufacturer, but I don’t see the depicted hole on the side of my panel for routing the antenna cable, etc…

The manufacturer instructions are definitely a little difficult to picture. The holes they refer to are simply for the screws to fasten down the plate. The plate is aligned where the internal antenna housing cover is on your 2GIG panel, as seen in the attached photo.

2GIG, however, changed the design of this antenna housing to accommodate the larger antennas packaged with the 3G modules. Newer panels will have a much larger plate that is removed and the mounting bracket included with the antenna will not fit as is described.

The newer design does not spatially allow the same mounting procedure, so I would recommend mounting it to the actual cover plate for the antenna housing. See attached image of a panel with a larger plate.


Thanks, the 2nd picture where you drew the hole locations was extremely helpful.