Installation code Protection One

Does anyone know if Protection One has a default 2gig installation code? Save me a phone call and possibly some hassle:)

I can save you a phone call and hassle. PROTECTION1 will not give you their installer code, and even if they did, chances are very good Installer access is locked out via Q44.

If you own the equip, and are out of contract, expect to be charged a service call for them to come out and to reset Installer code. Most likely though, they will want you to sign up for service.

You can have the panel unlocked and installer code reset via airfx by replacing the cell module and activating ADC plan.

(you can also try reset by booting panel while holding home and emergency buttons, or possibly by updating firmware to 1.14, and then reflashing back to 1.13) default master: 1111; default installer 1561

Thanks Riven,
Its for my sister in law who does have service through Protection1. I just want to connect a Lutron Smartbridge Pro and 2gig doorbell (which I believe is RF and needs the code) to her panel. Its a PITA calling them every time to do mundane, easy tasks, but I guess that’s the nature of the beast. Thanks again

Lutron Smartbridge would be added on the back-end and would need the service provider’s assistance.

Yes, the Doorbell gets added the same as a sensor, which will need access to installer programming.

Thanks Jason